Water Management

In a large part of the world year-round sufficient fresh water is not within reach. Our product, the Water Resource Survey, creates an overview of all available water sources for new developments. 

Our joint Aqua-Soil Approach is based on reuse of fresh water and organic matter for the benefit of sustainable agri-/ horticulture. 

Water Technology

AquaReUse is an innovative water treatment- and -buffering complex. In this facility all the waste water is purified and converted into clean irrigation water, which matches all relevant quality requirements.

The Triton provides an optimal habitat for a healthy microbiological population. The water after treatment in the Triton has: more oxygen; less organic waste and an amount of healthy microflora.
The result is an oxygen-rich environment for the roots, where healthy ‘residential’ microflora can prosper. 


Our specialists can help you to find the best price competitive and reliable water resource for sustaining and optimising horticultural production. Aqua-Terra Nova can be at service with an analysis of irrigation water quality and advisory. Read more..