Since 1996, Aqua-Terra Nova operates with a team of specialists as a research and consultancy firm in the fields of water, ecology, environment and urban planning. Strongly rooted in the center of the world’s most intensive covered horticulture area, the company has a strong connection with water management, horticulture and technology. Clients range from small private greenhouse companies to water boards and the national government.

Many of our projects are developed through Public-Private-Partnerships in which we have proven our strong process and technological skills. Our role in (waste) water management projects can be described as ‘the architect’. Following our ambition to contribute to efficient regional water use and nutrient recycling, we are currently active in projects for water resource management & water treatment for sustainable horticulture, community upliftment and new local entrepreneurship. Within this scope we are active in the theme "More Crop per Drop", a cross-over between the Dutch top sectors Water and Horticulture supported by the Dutch government.

Our focus and ambition is to bring our water resource and treatment concepts along with the possible synergy with composting. In our vision local-4-local agriculture is a core aspect for sustainable communities.