Horticulture, aquaculture, intensive agriculture and specialised (food) industries depend on reliable water sources of supreme quality. Keeping purification prices low is key for realising products of competitive prices. Our specialists can help you to find the best price competitive and reliable water resource for sustaining your production area and process. Our product, the Water Resource Survey, creates an overview of all available water sources for new developments

We are specialised in the development of water process and purification systems based on reliable water sources. As we work from an integrated approach, our solutions are not solely aimed on the sustainable use of natural resources, but also on the reusability of waste water streams. Our methods make it possible to attract process or irrigation water to places not thought of before. One of our integrated innovations is our self-developed Aqua-Soil Approach, resulting in new water and nutrient resources for a variety of business opportunities. 

An optimised irrigation water quality is essential for healthy roots and subsequently crop produce. Aqua-Terra Nova can be at service with an analysis of irrigation water quality and advisory on optimising the composition of the water and crop production. Besides the plant nutrients we focus on microbiology, oxygen and the organic elements present in the water.